Dorothée Dal Soglio

Professeure agrégée de clinique, Université de Montréal. Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Dal Soglio is a pathologist at the Ste-Justine hospital for children who has helped us bridge the two major university affiliated medical networks in Montreal. For many years she has been a steadfast collaborator who helped with procuring samples as well as with review, dissection and documentation of large numbers of tumours retrieved from hospital archives to assist in our molecular genetics studies. She provided especially critical expertise with the early characterization of DICER1-related tumours such as Sertoli-Leydig cell tumours and DICER1-related Wilms tumours that helped us confirm these tumours as established features of the syndrome. Recently, she helped us define the pathological, molecular and genetic similarities and differences between DICER1 mutation carriers and carriers of PTEN mutations.